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Word, Phrase, Example Sentence, Multi Language Dialogue

  Screen Resolution: 320 x 240
  LCD Screen: 3.2 inch
  Gadget Color: White Metallic
  Screen Color: QVGA TFT 16 Bits
  Hand Writing: Yes
  Size: 12.5x8x1.9cm
  Weight: 200g
  Internal Memory: 211MB
  Card Slot: 1 SD/MMC
Card Slot
  Battery: Lithium Ion Battery
  USB Connection: USB 2.0
  Accessory: User Manual, Lithium Ion Battery, Porch, Ear Phone, Charger, PC Connection Cable, PC-Link CD, Multimedia CD and Stylus.


Animated Grammar & Phrases

Short stories animation that explains the usage of English grammar and phrases, not only attractive, but makes study more effective towards learning process.

Video Learning

Video learning that allows you to record the pronunciation as well as comparison based on the video pronunciation.

English Proficiency Test

  • Test your knowledge with all sorts of exercises in MD 800, while Interactive English will test your accuracy in English pronunciation.
  • Business English offers you dialogues and business letters, that will test your capability in business writing grammatically.
  • While Audio Studio will test your sense of hearing towards learning.
  • Reading Studio will test your memory to memorize, answering question, and essay re-writing. These exercises will sharpen the student's IQ.
  • English Proficiency Test is a question-answer test. Divided into basic, intermediate and advanced level.
  • English Sentence Exercises will test your sentence arrangement in English. Also divided into different level of difficulties.

Learning Chinese, Japanese and Korean Languages

Teach you on writing techniques of PinYin, Strokes and correct pronunciation. Complete with character writing exercises. Learning kit is also provided, started with phonemes, phonetics, pronunciation as well as correct pronunciation demo to learn Japanese and Korean languages.

Download & eBook Function

Unlimited download function from BESTA webpage, giving you more effective ways of learning.

Additional Info

Information such as National Principles, Geographical Information consist of 14 states in Malaysia, autobiography of 24 famous Islamic Scholar and their contributions in terms of the developments in Islamic civilization, and also Malaysian History starting from 1400 to 2008, will surely complete your general knowledge.

Calculator and Formula

Contained 5 types of calculator also with two conversion to ease your calculation.

Personal Information Manager

Organize your friends and relatives list. International time, calendar, to-do list and financial management are also provided.


Contained entertainments such as IQ test games, photo album, drawing set, MP3, MP4, comes complete in one device. Now, studying and playing has made easy with MD 800.

Search Engine

Word finding is now easier with search engine function. Gives you various types of dictionaries which are related accurately.

English Learning Video (CD)

CD provided with this device, with list of learning videos that can be uploaded in MD 800 as an extra exercise.

Multi-language Dialogue

Contains over 700 dialogues include 11 languages: English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Dutch, Spanish, Vietnamese, Italian, French, and also German. Dialogues comes in different situations to give better undestanding in learning foreign languages.

Oxford Vocabulary, TOEFL, GRE and IELTS

Contains more than 600,000 entries from Oxford, TOEFL, GRE and IELTS.

Numeral Coefficient and Malay Grammar

Numeral Coefficient and Malay grammar will guide you on the usage of grammar in Malay as well as the numeral coefficient in word structure and etc.

Chemistry and Physics Elements

Equipped with periodic table, Chemical elements and also simple Physics formulas as references.

Touch screen and Stylus

The new released model of BESTA is more user-friendly, it comes with color LCD screen and stylus and also colored touch screen.

SD Slot Card

The function of slot card that allows you to store more additional data.

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