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  Pronunciation: Word, Example Sentence, Multi Language Dialogue
  LCD Screen: 3.2 x 1.3 inch
  Gadget Color: Grey Metallic
  Screen Color: Black & White
  Hand Writing: No
  Size: 11x7.5x1.5cm
  Weight: 120g
  Internal Memory: 128KB
  Card Slot: No
  Battery: AAA Alkaline
  USB Connection: No
  Accessory: User Manual, Alkaline AAA Battery, Porch, Ear Phone


  • 100% of Oxford Fajar Advanced Learner’s English-Malay dictionary, & Perdana Malay-English Dictionary.
  • Mathematics and Science dictionary that complete with terms in Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Mathematics.
  • Reference and cross reference process in just 1 second and smart input through the nearest equivalent for the spelling of word.
  • Malay grammar for accurate and grammatical usage in Malay language. Organized based on Malay language curriculum.
  • Complete with TOEFL vocabulary as extra information.
  • Consist of useful national information, such as Malaysian History, Islamic Scholar, Geographical Information of 14 states in Malaysia and National Principles.
  • Foreign travel dialogues which covers various situations.
  • Voiced pronunciation in English, Chinese and Japanese helps you to pronounce foreign words accurately.
  • Useful vocabulary and collection of word reference such as things, animal, human and many more.
  • The Do It Yourself dictionary will help you to store new word and ensure you are not left behind with languages update.
  • Scientific calculator to help you with complex calculation.
  • Mathematics formula for reference and learning.
  • Equipped with Unit and Money Conversion, Currency Exchange, Saving and Accounts Management function.
  • Organize your daily activities are easier and systematic with schedule, to-do list and class time table function.
  • The information of your family and friends can be easily searched by using the functional address book.
  • Clock, alarm, calendar makes your weekly or yearly plans easier.
  • The multi-function makes planning more easy.
  • Seven interactive games to test your mind such as Jigsaw puzzle, and many more. Learning process is just not only more enjoyable, in fact can sharpen your IQ.

Product Name:BESTA Hi-Skor

Hi-Skor Brochure
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